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Arrowhead Wilderness Outfitters

Travis Crowley

For Travis Crowley hunting has always been a huge part of his life. He started hunting at a very young age and his passion for the outdoors has only became greater with time. Living in the Midwest has allowed Travis to feed his passion for bowhunting whitetails and turkeys for over 30 plus years harvesting numerous monster bucks. About 11 years ago Travis started taking backcountry hunts out west and has had the privilege of harvesting several bull elk, bear and mule deer bucks. Travis is currently on pro staff with g5 outdoors, Bass Pro in Springfield Missouri , Prime Bow's, DUEL game calls and a member of the Sitka whitetail ambassador team.

As a pro staffer and guide for Arrowhead wilderness Outfitters he has enjoyed teaching others about hunting and preparing hunters for success in the field. Thanks for your interest in Arrowhead wilderness Outfitters and looking forward to the Hunt.

​Brian is well respected among his clients and peers. You will find his professionalism, attention to detail and  his commitment to service first class. Call Brian now for more information about any of his Guided Hunting Opprtunities (218) 330-1353. 

Ray Crow

​​Ray grew up on a small farm in Roosevelt, Utah, where hard work and a closeness to the land are a fact of everyday life.  As far back as he can remember, he has had this fascination with all things wild and a passion for the outdoors and hunting. My favorite thing to do then, as now, is to spend time hunting and shooting.  Ray has spent many days in the field hunting and guiding many big game animals.  He has pursued animals in many areas of the country with Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifles. He currently hold a position at the Mule Deer Foundation a conservation organization that ensures the conservation of mule deer, black-tail deer and their habitat.  

Brian Bachman

Brian Bachman has been successfully guiding hunters since 1978. Brian has had the opportunity to hunt all over the world for many different big game animals and brings his well rounded hunting and guiding skills to Arrowhead Wilderness Outfitters. He uses his years of experience and knowledge of wildlife to educate, entertain and most importantly give you the best chance for success no matter your goal.